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Laziness may all be in the genes

Dr Rohit Mehra
July 3, 2011

Dr Rohit Mehra

Ever wonder, why some of us are very lazy? The answer to this is not just on the willingness of a person to be lazy but it could very well be in genetic. Researches for ages have tried to figure out why some people are lazier than others and why we tend procrastinate things. A new study has revealed that laziness could be linked to genes and hence we can blame our ancestors for laziness, pun intended. Scientists now claim that the desire to keep fit and do regular exercise is hereditary, and the discovery means that in the future, drugs could be created to treat laziness in people by targeting the genes that cause it in the first place. The find could also help combat obesity. A study has already confirmed that a healthy diet with regular bouts of exercise is the best way to stave off cancer, heart trouble, diabetes and even Alzheimer's disease.

A renowned professor of biology, Theodore Garland Jr, said that “In humans, activity levels vary widely from couch-potato-style inactivity to highly-active athletic endeavours”. University of California Riverside researchers showed that mice bred to enjoy running produced offspring that also liked it, indicating the baby mice had inherited the trait of high activity.

With this discovery, "Down the road, people could be treated pharmacologically for low-activity levels through drugs that target specific genes that promote activity," he added.

This would indeed open a new area of pharmacological medicines with a substantial market for pharma companies 

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