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Congenital Cytomegalovirus


Under the disease congenital cytomegalovirus the disease is caused due to infection with cytomegalovirus before birth.

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This disease is caused by the infection of the cytomegalovirus from the infected mother. The disease of the mother may be symptom free.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from congenital cytomegalovirus has the following symptoms:-

  • The infants may have inflammation of the retina.
  • There may also be presence of jaundice.
  • The patient may have large spleen and liver.
  • There may be low birth weight in the patient.
  • There may be low amount of mineral deposits in the brain.
  • Petechiae may be present at birth.
  • There may also be seizures.
  • The head size may be small in size.
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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

Try to maintain personal hygiene due to prevent this disease. Wash your hands with soap after coming in contact with the diapers and saliva of the infected child. Try to avoid kids below the age of 6 on the mouth and cheek. Try to avoid the sharing food, utensils etc with the young children. Pregnant women should also be avoided the contact with young children.

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